27 October 2017

30 Things I Know Now That I'm 30

1. Coffee doesn't stunt anyone's growth.

2. In order to make (and keep) friends, you have to make the first move a lot more often than you'd think.

3. However, "be friendly and you will have friends" is only true to a point. Only 50% of any relationship depends on you. If the other person is determined not to engage, the onus is not on you to try to be friendly enough to change their mind.

4. Fear isn't, on its own, a good enough reason not to do something.

5. There is no benefit to eating an entire large pizza in one sitting, even if you can do so without getting sick.

6. Don't be afraid of meeting internet friends in person. You might end up marrying one of them.

7. There's a good chance you know more about what you need to be healthy than your doctor does.

8. Everyone you meet knows something you don't. Keep an open mind.

9. Spend more on quality.

10. The world today is different from that of our parents and grandparents. Today, smart work, not necessarily hard work, is a better predictor of success. Putting in long hours and hard effort at your job doesn't necessarily mean you'll get paid more, but it does probably mean you'll be taken advantage of.

11. The World War II generation tends not to grasp this fact. Be patient with them when they tell you that because they made a comfortable living raising six kids on one blue collar income, so can you. (Most of them really do mean well.)

12. Sushi and rare steak, if properly prepared, shouldn't be scary.

13. You can almost always lower the amount of sugar in a dessert recipe, and it'll be just as good.

14. Emotions are important. Just because you shouldn't let them get out of control, doesn't mean they should be discredited, either.

15. Cooking organic food at home is still cheaper than eating out.

16. You can't control anybody else's actions. You can, however, control your own actions in response to others' (known in some circles as the law of sowing and reaping).

17. On an average day, nobody cares how you look: they're all too busy worrying about how they look.

18. When someone else says they know God's will for your life, proceed with extreme caution.

19. Your parents were probably just doing what they thought was best.

20. People will nag you about when you plan to check off certain boxes in life: driver's license, first job, college, marriage, parenthood, etc., etc., but given enough time, they won't even remember, much less care about, the choice you made or didn't make.

21. Refusing to disclose your life's plans to every Nosey Nellie who asks is totally okay too.

22. It's okay to want to make enough money to have a reasonably comfortable existence.

23. However, you can get by with a lot less than you think.

24. If high school seems like a waste of time, that's because (spoiler) it is. Sorry. I can confirm your suspicions that mastering trigonometry, memorizing the states and capitols, or dissecting frogs won't, in fact, come in handy later in life. That is, of course, unless you end up in a place where random useless information is in demand. Like a game show. Or a government job.

25. Order something from Oriental Trading just once, and you will get their catalog every week for the rest of your life.

26. You need probiotics.

27. Time is always worth more than money.

28. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. (Sometimes it's "nothing gained" regardless, but if you don't try, you'll always wonder how things could have turned out.)

29. Do the best you can, until you can do better.

30. You can spend your time any way you want, but you can only spend it once.

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