09 December 2017

A Day in the Life, Episode I

9:00 -- Good morning from the islands of Beaufort Lowcountry! This area is called the "Lowcountry" because here on the coast you are low, close to sea level. Also because your chances of finding a decent paying job or ethnic food are low, as well. Today it's drizzly and foggy with temps around 45°, which is definitely cold enough to get frostbite -- at least, according to people around here.

9:30 -- I put some stuff in the crockpot that was supposed to be ready for lunch, but since I failed to get it together sooner, I guess it's going to be my dinner instead. (Why can't I ever remember to start earlier on stuff that takes 4-6 hours to cook?)

11:00 -- Wesley left to take the car for an oil change and alignment. On the way there he realized he forgot his checkbook and came back home. He came in through the front door, which we don't use very often, nearly giving me a heart attack. I thought it might be a realtor. Too many of them have taken to coming on short notice and at a completely different time than they're scheduled for, which means lately I've been getting a lot of unexpected visitors while still in my PJ's. I shouldn't worry; seeing me that way is probably more traumatic for them than it is for me...

12:00 -- I suppose I can put off sweeping and mopping and cleaning out the fridge only so long today. Sigh. When I was a kid, my mom always made me spend my Saturdays cleaning, and I hated that. So much so that I swore I would never clean at all when I grew up. Haven't had a ton of success sticking to that resolution, needless to say. (Although it must be said that I did give it a fair try for a while.)

12:16 -- Sheba tries to make a break for it out the open door while I'm sweeping, but I catch her just in time. You know, I should talk to some of the parents I know, and ask if any of their children have been naughty this year -- and if so, would they like a very naughty dog to give to their naughty children...

2:30 -- Time to get out my cast iron pan and roast some coffee. The beans need 12 hours or so to rest after they've been roasted -- good thing I remembered to do it today, or I wouldn't have had any coffee to drink tomorrow morning. How terrible that would be! I don't even like to think about it.

2:44 -- I figured Sheba must really want to be outside if she tried to escape. So, I put her out on her dog run, and as soon as I go back inside, then what? She wants to come back inside. Silly dog.

3:02 -- It's been awhile since I've roasted coffee at home. I forgot how smoky the house gets when I do it. Phew!

4:30 -- Well, the crockpot beans have had seven hours by now, and they're still not quite ready. Too bad. I'm gonna eat 'em anyway.

6:00 -- Dinnertime! Sheba hangs around the stove where I'm working and waits for me to throw her the scraps from the chicken breasts I'm trimming.

7:00 -- I really need to put something other than lights on my Christmas tree.

8:00 -- I'm listening to Handel's Messiah and remembering that I've heard it said that God won't allow any man-made thing into heaven except the nail marks in Jesus' hands. I'm not sure I like this thought. Will He really make us live forever and ever without this great piece of music? It's Scripture after all, so maybe He'll allow it. I guess we'll see.

9:00 -- I've said I was going to cut back on caffeine one of these days, but I don't think today's the day. Gotta have me another cup of coffee...

10:00 -- I think there might actually be a FROST tonight! Now, this is what December is supposed to feel like! (Well... plus some snow!)

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