14 December 2017

A Day in the Life, Episode II

7:20 -- (ringing alarm)... snooze button

7:30 -- snooze button

7:40 -- snooze button

7:50 -- snooze button

8:00 -- Okay, I really gotta get up now.

8:03 -- Lately, getting out of bed in the morning has been absolutely terrible. Even when I get eight hours of sleep. I'm not sure why.

8:17 -- At least I have my coffee to greet me.

8:30 -- And I am pretty lucky to get to work from home.

10:14 -- And to have a big, fierce guard dog to protect me from those oh-so-dangerous mailmen and UPS guys.

12:45 -- Not so lucky to have only 30 minutes for lunch, however...

3:15 -- Afternoon break and time for yet another load in the washing machine. When people ask me how Wesley and I divide up the housework, I tell them we split everything evenly: I do all of the dishes, cooking, and laundry, and he makes sure there is plenty of dishes, cooking, and laundry that need to be done.

5:00 -- And the weekend starts now... Ahhhh.

6:00 -- Wesley and I listen to "Education Spectrum" on WKWQ on Thursday nights during dinner. Much more entertaining than TV! Education Spectrum is, as far as I can tell, an hour long talk session about anything broadly relevant to the issues of public education in America. (Although other apparently unrelated topics, like why "sweet bitters" is the only acceptable addition to black coffee, or reasons why one should not buy a two-story house, are fair game for discussion as well.) The show is hosted by a "Dr. O" about whom I cannot seem to locate any information, online or elsewhere, except that his primary qualification is a doctorate in theosophy from the Institute of Divine Understanding. The first thing that comes up when I search for the Institute of Divine Understanding is this page on Yelp that appears to be for some kind of ladies' clothing store in Chicago, so it's fair to say my curiosity is piqued.

7:00 -- And the Christmas tree is finally decorated, except for the candy canes, which I can't seem to find anywhere. Oh well. I should buy some more; two years is probably too long to keep the same ones anyway.

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