24 December 2017

A Day in the Life, Episode III

7:45 -- Good morning from cold Connecticut! We are visiting my parents for Christmas weekend. It's a lovely 28 degrees here this morning, the way winter should be -- and I hear a white Christmas is in the forecast for tomorrow!

9:00 -- Wesley is sick this morning with a bad head cold, so I head off to church by myself.

10:30 -- The church has grown a lot since my last time here! There are lots of new faces I don't know. But there are still a good many familiar ones who remember me, and we have a great time catching up over coffee that's just as terrible as when I left. 😉 I realize how much I miss everybody here, and how much I miss the family atmosphere and the great support network of friends. It's definitely something I'd bring back to Beaufort with me, if I could.

11:15 -- Have I ever mentioned how much I love that my home church doesn't do "holiday sermons"? Not that I think all such sermons are automatically bad, of course -- it's just that sometimes going to church on Christmas or Easter knowing ahead of time what you'll be hearing about can feel... well, predictable, and maybe a little disingenuous. Knowing the Spirit doesn't always lead according to our calendar, the preacher this morning (who also happens to be my dad!) delivered a message on Haggai 1. I thought it was particularly good (not that I'm a biased relative or anything, obviously!) and I strongly recommend giving it a listen here, if you're so inclined.

1:00 -- Mom and Dad and I have Sunday dinner at Gisely's house -- her famous Brazilian chicken and rice which I have so often attempted (unsuccessfully!) to replicate. It's just so unnaturally good, and she has the magic touch it seems. I give Gisely her Christmas present, a Homesick candle that's supposed to smell like Brazil. (She confirms that it does indeed.) She gives me a present too, but I'm not allowed to open it until tomorrow!

3:00 -- Home again. The tickle in the back of my throat tells me that I'm coming down with Wesley's cold. It's true what they say, in marriage you share everything -- sickness included!

5:30 -- Sheba hangs around and begs for scraps while I warm up some dinner leftovers for Wesley and myself. We've been pleasantly surprised how well she's behaved on this trip so far.

9:00 -- Time for us sick people to turn in early and get some rest! (And to wait for Santa Claus and that white Christmas!)

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