31 December 2017

Auld Lang Syne

Well, people, I regret to say that 2017 is not going to break any records for excitement. (I guess you can't win them all.)

I have nothing to say about the early part of the year, except that January through March are the only months in which Beaufort ceases to resemble a hot Turkish bath in a swamp and starts to feel instead like a place that normal human beings might want to inhabit. Which I do feel is worthy of mention, since it happens so seldom.

In April, I spent a week on the east coast of Florida for the wedding of one of my best friends. Well, it wasn't really a wedding, since she's already married. A vow renewal, maybe? Except that renewing her vows wasn't her idea; in fact she was the last one in our group of friends to find out she'd be doing it, only a couple of days before the fact...

This is the wonderful thing about my circle of friends: If you elope, and then years later you happen to mention in passing in one day that you regret not having had a formal wedding, they will take it upon themselves to fix that. They'll spend months planning out how to throw you a "surprise wedding" -- like a surprise birthday party, but with more fuss. Meanwhile, there you'll be, thinking that you're going on a relaxing beach vacation with your friends, but, surprise! -- once there, the trap will be sprung and your relaxing week will fly by in a blur of shopping, decorating, planning, and general stress. Sounds like a dream, right?... Well, anyway. It was still a great time. The weather was perfect, and against all odds everything cooperated that was supposed to. Including the bride and groom, who promised to take each other as husband and wife... again... this time perhaps because they had no choice! 😏

Summer was largely uneventful. In August, the contractor building on the vacant lot next door to us put his house just a smidgen too close to our land for the county's liking. Faced with the prospect of having to tear it all down and start over, he had to offer to buy beg us to sell a foot and a half of our land on one side. Of course, our mortgage company very much wanted to be involved in this transaction, which has muddied the waters considerably. They told us would take four months to process the sale; we're now at five months and counting. At this point, I'm pretty sure the paperwork to push this deal through is sitting at the bottom of somebody's wastebasket somewhere. But of course, I can't prove it.

In September, we had a near miss from Hurricane Irma, although downtown Beaufort still took on enough water that traveling down the street by boat was a viable option. Beaufort has still not fully recovered from Hurricane Matthew last year. I do wonder what next year will bring -- but hopefully, I won't be there in person to see it. I do consider myself the adventurous type, but a major hurricane each year is where I draw the line of unpleasant things I'm willing to put up with. Another reason I'm happy to be moving to (inland) North Carolina!

Speaking of moving -- Since October, we've been in the process of trying to sell our house. I was led to believe (by certain parties who shall remain nameless) that the downtown property market was really taking off and that once the "For Sale" sign was in the yard, our house would sell like water to a man on fire. Well... this hasn't exactly been the case so far. At first I thought maybe it was because I haven't dusted my baseboards in awhile (okay, I haven't dusted them ever), but I've been reassured that it's not me: Apparently, there's a "moving season", and right now isn't it. Who knew? Everybody but us, it seems.

We did get a white Christmas this year, but we had to go all the way to Connecticut to see it! It was worth it. Having spent the last several winters on the West Coast and then in the South, I'm pretty sure New England is the only place I want to be for Christmas ever again. I never, ever want to make a 27 hour drive again, however -- or go through New York City and pay over $70 in tolls! Live and don't learn; that's how we roll!

So, that was our year. Hopefully, by 2018's "year end" post, I will have something more exciting to say. Or, more likely, I'll have thought of a more clever way to say that nothing exciting has happened!

Happy New Year, friends!

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