02 January 2018

A Day in the Life, Episode IV

8:15 -- is the absolute latest I can sleep in since I have to start work by 8:30. (Bummer.)

8:30 -- It is kind of a strange thing to work from home. Normally you think of your home as a haven away from work, but when your home is also your office, things get a little strange. It's kind of like being under house arrest. I have to take a break and eat my lunch when someone else says I can, but... I'm at home. (People ask me if I still go to the bathroom whenever I want, to which I say -- yes.)

12:30 -- Wesley is working a job up in Summerville today. He'll be there for a few days, so I'm on my own. This means I can eat whatever I want for dinner, so I open up the fridge and start pondering the possibilities.

12:38 -- Not that I have very many, since I haven't been grocery shopping in awhile.

1:00 -- Back to work.

3:14 -- Time for a break. I check the mailbox. No mail. Does nobody like me? Is that why they don't send me any mail?

3:15 -- Thinking -- I remember back when email was first starting to become popular. At that time, getting snail mail or handwritten letters was pretty ho-hum, but getting "electronic mail" -- now that was a big deal. (There were no spammers back then!) Now it's the opposite: my email inbox is flooded every day, but getting a good piece of mail -- in my actual mailbox -- makes my day.

5:00 -- I think all day about that song, "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere." Finally it's five o'clock here!

5:18 -- Earlier I had decided to make BBQ chicken in the Crock Pot, but I left it on high for too many hours and now it's smoky. And not in the good way.

5:28 -- Wesley texts me a picture of where he's eating tonight: an Afghan kebab house. This is the absolute last thing I would have ever said you could expect to find in South Carolina. Also, I'm extremely jealous. He says it's not very good, but he's only saying that because he doesn't know what he's missing out on here...

7:00 -- My evening routine when I'm alone is typical introvert's fare: reading, writing, a long bubble bath and a glass of wine. Well, okay, I don't have the glass of wine. Or the long bubble bath, thanks to the tub drain not keeping the water in long enough to take a bath. Unless you like to bathe for five minutes or less -- but I personally don't go for that.

11:00 -- Time for bed. Snow is rumored to be in the forecast for tomorrow, but I'll believe it when I see it. Any snow that comes around here is either (a) wishful thinking, (b) half rain, or (c) doesn't accumulate, because the ground isn't cold enough. Snow is not a frequent visitor here on the Atlantic Coast of South Carolina. Anyway, good night from the "low country" in the deep South!

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