20 January 2018

A Day in the Life, Episode V

9:00 -- It's a beautiful morning, with temps in the mid 40's. Cold weather usually means January is everybody's least favorite month of the year, but in South Carolina it's the best, in my opinion!

10:00 -- I make breakfast and then do stuff around the house while Wesley cleans up one of his rifles to sell. We may go try it out tomorrow after church.

2:00 -- I've had a funny little lingering pain in my left side for about a week now. I think it's a pulled muscle due to a cough I've had since the cold Wesley gave me -- on Christmas Day, coincidentally (aww, thanks dear!). Just out of curiosity, I googled "pain in side from coughing." The first result that came up began with: "Pain in Side: Other symptoms of lung cancer include..." I guess this is why they say don't your Google symptoms when something's wrong. Because -- one way or another -- everything (everything!) is cancer.

6:00 -- I made "souvlaki burgers" for dinner by mixing souvlaki chicken marinade seasoning into ground beef. To my surprise, it actually turned out okay. Nowhere near as good, however, as the burgers Stella used to make me during our roommate days -- the one-pounders (1/2 lb. of meat, 1/2 lb. of cheese) that Priscilla nicknamed "hypertension on a plate." Truly, those were not for the faint of heart. Or of arteries.

8:00 -- We spent a long time online tonight looking at houses in the Charlotte, NC area. We've found one or two that we're really interested in -- but of course, we have to wait for our current house to get an offer before we can make a move on anything. Fingers crossed!

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