16 January 2018

Why My Christmas Tree Is Still Up

When I was young, the end of the Christmas season always brought on a severe case of denial for my neighbors up the road. It seemed that with each passing year they required an ever increasing length of time to take down their outdoor decorations. Mind you, all they had was a rather sickly looking tamarack tree festooned haphazardly with strings of red and green beads and several Christmas balls. It never particularly bothered me, but it bothered their neat-as-a-pin neighbor across the street (every neighborhood has one of those). One year he remarked to me dryly that, in his opinion, the time for the neighborhood to be "beginning to look a lot like Christmas" ought to be just about over. It was the middle of May.

Well, I hate to admit it, but I think I just might be that person -- that odious person who fails to get the Yuletide packed up and put away in a timely fashion. Because here it is, the sixteenth of January, and my Christmas tree is still up.

There are some good reasons for this; at least, I think they're good reasons. There's something odd and awkward and almost socially deviant about people who let the calendar go on without them while their decorations stay up. Knowing this, I feel like I owe the world an explanation, even though deep down I know it's highly likely nobody cares about it as much as I do.

1. I'm a cheapskate. To me, throwing away a tree that's still green feels like a waste. I mean, it's alive, and I hate to throw away anything that still has some life left in it: pens, batteries, tubes of toothpaste... Truth be told, there are a few items in my possession that were pronounced dead long ago that I should probably part with (a certain pair of comfy pants comes to mind)... 

2. It makes my living room a prettier place. You gotta cut me some slack on this one. I currently have beige walls, a sepia couch, a dark brown hutch, and a (mostly) brown rug that Wesley got on clearance at Lowe's. All this brown has made my living room look like it's drowning in a mud puddle. The Christmas tree is a bright spot of beauty in an otherwise drab place and I am loathe to part with it! Besides, the twinkly lights make me happy.

3. I have inertia. In the first place it takes me awhile to get the dumb thing up and fully decorated, and gosh dang it, I want to feel like I had enough time to enjoy it!

So, there are my good reasons. Which, now that I've spoken them aloud, don't sound as good to me after all.

Oh well.

I will take it down one of these days. And I promise not to wait until May!

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