23 March 2018

A Day in the Life, Episode VI

[Better late than never!]

7:45 -- Wesley's day off... For me, just another work day. The one thing that doesn't change between "work days" and "off days" for me, is that the coffee maker is my first stop every morning!

8:00 -- A little time this morning in the book of Jeremiah... the verse that says, "Ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is. Walk in it and find rest for yourselves" (6:16). Here in Beaufort, the "ancient path" (Boundary Street, the main road into and out of town) is the one we try to avoid whenever possible, thanks to all-day-long rush hour volumes of traffic and a not-well-thought-out redevelopment plan. Alas, on an island, your options for travel routes are limited (as is nearly everything else).

10:30 -- I take my first break of the day and make French toast for Wesley.

10:40 -- It's amazing just how delighted soggy bread drenched in even soggier syrup -- with bacon, of course -- can make a person (and I'm happy I can evoke this reaction with so little effort)!

3:00 -- Finished work a little early today. Hardly ever happens, but when it does, it's likely to be on a Friday. Which is fine with me; I never mind getting an early start to the weekend.

3:01 -- Even though I have nothing to look forward to except grocery shopping... sigh.

3:02 -- I think I'll leave it until tomorrow. Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.. or something like that, right?

5:00 -- Wesley is in the mood for hummus and suggests hitting up Steve's (the Greek restaurant) to get some. Knowing that the dinner I'd prepped for us yesterday -- but hadn't gotten to serve -- has now been marinating in the fridge for going on 36 hours, I (just barely) convince him to eat dinner at home. Not that I wouldn't much rather eat out -- but, well, you know, meat gets weird when it sits for too long. As much as I hate to eat my own cooking, I hate to waste money even more.

6:00 -- Thankfully, dinner seems okay. It just happens to be souvlaki chicken with tzatziki sauce and pita bread, which makes Wesley want hummus even more. Oh well. How could I know. I also cooked it in the oven under the broiler instead of firing up the grill like I was supposed to, because I'm lazy and I hate grilling. It wasn't fabulous, but it was at least edible.

9:00 -- My brother Jonathan texts me this photo of my niece, Joanna, sitting in a snowdrift as high as the roof of their shed. A typical springtime in Maine!

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