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Adventures in Odyssey

Yes, okay, I admit it -- I'm still a big fan of a radio show for 8-12 year olds. I like to think I'm still in the target audience, I've just celebrated more eight-year birthdays than the rest of them! Adventures in Odyssey launched the year I was born, so I feel a certain affinity for it -- it's the same age I am. I've been listening since it was called "Odyssey USA", before Focus on the Family moved to Colorado Springs, when Chris Anthony would come on at the end and tell everyone to send their fan mail to Pamona, California, 91799....

CBE International

Christians for Biblical Equality is the largest organization out there dedicated to promoting men and women as spiritual, relational, and social equals. If you're interested in this subject, whether as a devotee or a skeptic, this is your go-to place to spend some time reading and learning.


An at-home fitness site with workout videos. Kind of like having a personal trainer, but without the embarrassment of someone else seeing how out of shape you are. A big focus is dealing with fitness issues related to pregnancy, so pregnant and postpartum women probably have the most to gain by using this site. But whatever, it also works if you live in a steamy hot climate like I do and you know you won't go to the gym and the thought of exercising outside makes you have second thoughts about how bad it really is to be fat.

His Hands Support Ministries

A small-ish but amazing sponsorship organization with programs in Haiti, Rwanda, Uganda, the DR Congo, Guatemala, India, Swaziland, the Philippines, Indonesia, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Kenya, Mexico, and Myanmar. I sponsor five children through His Hands and can't recommend them highly enough. They really do great work.


(Disclaimer: these aren't affiliate links and I'm not making a cent by sending you wherever you may go from this page. These are just a few of my favorite things, and I'm sharing them in case you might enjoy one or more of them even half as much as I have.)

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